Summer Ministry Update 2017

We Rejoice

Through the blessing of God, we have had the opportunity to be in a number of churches these past months as well as preaching for a sweetheart banquet and a men and boys campout. God has been so good to open these doors for us, and we are rejoicing in how He worked in each place!

Our Summer Schedule is Filling Up!

We are so grateful for how God has answered our prayers in giving us meetings for us to serve in! We are excited to be spending three weeks this summer at Castle Rock Baptist Camp just south of Bozeman, Montana. We are anticipating God to do great things in the hearts of young people during these weeks. Following this summer camp ministry we will be in various churches across the northwest for revival meetings as well as Sunday preaching opportunities. We cannot thank those of you enough who have prayed for God to open doors for ministry opportunities. God has been faithful to answer those prayers and we are excited for the days ahead!

Our Gospel Tent Ministry Vision

God has laid a special burden and vision on our hearts. We have been praying and seeking direction over the past year because God has given us a burden to see churches planted and revivals held all across the West and specifically the Northwest. We have been asking the Lord to show us how He would have us to go forward with this unique desire and He has answered our prayers by giving us a specific direction in our ministry. That direction is Gospel Tent Revivals.
Our plan is to partner with churches to go into towns that do not have a Gospel preaching witness, with the intention of see a Bible study began, and ultimately a church planted, and the beginning of all of this would take place in an old fashioned tent revival. This would be a multi-week venture as there would be a time of outreach leading up to the meeting, the meeting itself, and then a time of follow up when the tent meeting would come to a close. We are excited to work alongside churches to see souls saved, lives changed, and churches started in this needy part of our country!
During the times we are not holding church planting tent meetings, we would then use the tent to hold revival meetings for churches. This will be an awesome time to have a small taste of our Nation's roots through an old fashioned tent meeting. We know that God will use these times to send revival to churches as a whole and in the lives of individuals through the powerful preaching of God's Word! 

Funding This Vision

We cannot wait to see how God is going to work in the days ahead as He brings this vision to fruition! There is no doubt in our hearts that where God calls He will provide a way and we are excited to see Him do just that. After the birth of our baby girl, Kynoa (coming at the end of July!), we will begin working to raise support for this ministry. As God has called us into evangelism, and we believe that to be our primary calling, we will be raising the majority of our support to purchase those items necessary to begin this ministry. We will need tools such as a large tent, audio system, generators, and not to mention a home on wheels and something to pull it with! These needs are beyond our capabilities of meeting, but we know that our God is able to do beyond what we could ever imagine, and we cannot wait to see how He is going to meet each one!
There are two ways that each person could have a part in seeing God work to provide for these great needs! First and most obviously, financially. If God would lay it upon your heart to be a part of our ministry financially and would like more information of exactly what the needs of this ministry are, feel free to get in contact with us by phone or email and we will send over a breakdown of what those needs are. Secondly and most importantly, pray for us. We know that our Heavenly Father has all the resources we would ever need. What we need more than "things" is His power and direction. Would you ask that the Lord would meet every need and that He would empower us by His Spirit to see souls saved and revival take place! We believe with all of our heart that our nation is ripe for revival, and that a great moving of God is just around the corner! Join us in prayer for God to work and turn our great Nation back to Him!

Kyle GilstrapComment